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Slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette and other cash games: these are the most obvious ways to get great winnings at paid online casino websites. By playing at an online casino from the US, you can try to hit the jackpot on many platforms.

Pala Casino

The casino offers a huge variety of table games, slots and even bingo to New Jersey residents. There are some exclusive games, as well.

Borgata Casino

Borgata is a New Jersey licensed online casino powered by latest casino software and gaming technology.

Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino is owned by Richard Branson's Virgin Group. It has been operating since 2004 and is part of the Virgin Games website.

Party Casino NJ

On the New Jersey online casino market since 2018, this casino can be considered unique, because here you can play those slots that you will not find anywhere else on the Internet. 

Golden Nugget Casino

With one of the greatest gaming collections in New Jersey, you're going to want a unique type of site to sort the games. Furthermore, at GoldenNuggetCasino.com you will not be dissatisfied in this regard.

Unibet Casino US

As may be deduced from its name, Unibet Casino was originally a pure bookmaker, which operated under the name Unibet International Ltd.

Harrah's Casino

Caesars Interactive Entertainment operates Harrah’s online casino under the umbrella of Caeasars Entertainment Corporation. Together with Caesars Casino and 888 Casino US they were the first casinos in New Jersey that offered online games legally.

Before you get started, you have to keep in mind that each online casino differs from another. By the selection of games it offers, its quality, the software publisher chosen, it is essential to be sure that the game is a pleasant entertainment. You can find here a selection of online casinos, but also information that can be invaluable in the search for your casino!

A real money online casino can also offer you many other advantages, foremost among which is the welcome bonus offer. This bonus offer is often broken down into a bonus amount, added to your first deposit, as well as free spins offered to players on virtual games. With a quick comparison of these advantages, you will be able to choose the offer that will allow you to save as much as possible, in order to increase your chances of hitting a big win without spending your money.

We analyze the money games offer, the publisher who provides the software for these games, as well as the seriousness of the overall offer of the highest payout casino USA: from bonuses, to the response time of the customer service. We also talk about the mobile offer of casinos: you will thus know if you will have to go through the download of a mobile application or if you will be able to connect directly to the games on the site from the browser of your smartphone.

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Each site that we will deal with in our casino reviews has a license from the authorities. Our goal is simple: that you avoid betting your money on a website that will hasten to close or become unreachable in the event of a dispute. Choose your highest payout online casinos from our reviews of gaming sites: it is the insurance to avoid all the pitfalls and play on a good selection of highest payout casino games, while enjoying maximum bonuses and benefits. You need to know all the practical information about your reliable online casino!


The payout ratio is the players’ probability of winning, the amount that is given back to the players from the full 100%. The difference up to 100% is the bank or house edge, i.e. the money a casino lives from. It is possible to find an online casino with the highest payout ratio on the Internet, because most online casinos state this on their website. But this information is often well hidden - some casinos, for example, indicate the payout ratio of slot machines, for other games (such as roulette) the rate results from the game rules. Online, the payout ratio of the casino can also often be found on the casino website. Also, the software manufacturers indicate the odds. Incidentally, the expectation of winnings online is usually significantly higher: online casinos make less effort, so they pay more.

This is very important information for the player, because it determines how big the chance of winning is. Of course, everyone wants to win in gambling and to do this you have to beat the profit expectation. After all, the casino wants to earn something and therefore it always has a slight advantage. That's why you need luck. But it makes a big difference how "fast" you usually lose - who can play longer has more chances to hit extraordinary amount that makes him the winner!


We will analyze the highest payout casino games in more detail below, comparing games and casinos. But if you are quickly looking for a high payout online casino, you should take a look at our recommendations, there are particularly good chances for players to win!

Anyone who plays at an online casino or a real casino is looking for thrills and fun and hopes for a nice win. However, many players are not aware that you have a great influence on your own chances of winning. Because there are games and casinos with different payout percentages. The payout ratio in the casino is the value that results from the ratio of stake to statistically expected profit. So, a very important value. Here casinos differ greatly. And every single game also has different payout percentages. The payout ratio for slot machines, for example, is always quite high, but not always the same.

Payout Ratio for Slots

The payout ratio for slot machines varies. Online slots usually pay out significantly more than 90% of the stake. Good slots already have 95 percent or more and the best have over 97% payouts. So, these slots offer very good chances of winning. Mathematically, slot machines can even achieve positive payout ratios: if a progressive jackpot is high enough, this is the case: however, this is a purely mathematical approach - the player wins so much that the payout ratio is positive at this point. As a rule, progressive slots are rather modest at the beginning - so it is worth waiting here until the jackpot is full.

Payout Ratio for Table Games

The payout ratios for table games are based on rules. The best-known example is roulette: if European roulette is played with a zero, the payout rate is 97.3%. In American roulette with two zeros it is 94.76%. In blackjack, a theoretical payout ratio of almost 100% is possible: however, you have to master the game perfectly, only very few players do. The same applies to video poker. Other games are noteworthy: the keno payout ratio is between 65 and 80%: this makes it difficult for players to achieve positive results here!


We have already dealt with the different payout rates. But an overview certainly doesn't hurt - players should always keep the following table in mind.

  • European Roulette: 97.3% payout ratio
  • Blackjack (average player): 95.4% (higher or lower depending on skill level)
  • Baccarat (main bets): 98.96%
  • Sic Bo: maximum 97.2%
  • Slot machines: 92 - 98%
  • Slot machines in casinos: 60 to 85%

Playing at an online casino should be fun, but playing games blindfoldedly can be expensive. Therefore, players should familiarize themselves with the principle of the payout ratio and be aware of why some games are fairer than others. You will never be able to win without luck, but that does not mean that you should give the casino better chances from the start. We recommend that you pay attention to this - players who like to take more risks should look at the casino side to see how good the chances really are with new games. In all aspects that bring luck, this can ultimately decide on profit or loss!

A word before letting you browse our site: each NJ online casino allows you to take advantage of a free mode to test the games. Use this opportunity to check their quality, but also to train before going into real money gambling: you will be much better when you really bet to win!