Play Safe

 Is it safe to play casino online?

The difference between a good casino and a bad one is often in one word: safety. Certain websites do not give any importance to it and prefer to promise the moon to their players than to protect their personal data and assure them fair games.



Registering at an unscrupulous casino is very dangerous. Online casino webites that do not have a license and are therefore completely illegal, in NJ as in other states in which they “operate”, are not accountable to anyone. It is therefore not uncommon for them to lure internet users with false bonuses and promise payout rates that they do not apply. Sometimes, the games in free version are much more favorable to the players than those in paid version, or else the games are simply not fair, favoring players at the expense of others. Among the other problems encountered by internet users who had the misfortune to register on this type of casino are that winnings were never paid, computers got viruses, spam, etc.


There are several signs that can help you identify reliable casinos. Such casinos often have a license from the regulatory authority for online gambling in the country where they are located. At the bottom of their home page, you can also find the logos of various regulatory bodies, such as the eCOGRA or the Gambling Commission. These casinos clearly indicate their contact details and provide 24-hour assistance to their customers.


Data protection is a particularly sensitive point, because when you register with a casino, you give it your personal data such as your home address and phone number, but also bank data that allow you to make deposits and withdrawals. The most effective way to ensure that an online casino website is reliable is to check whether it offers payments via the SSL security protocol, which has recently been renamed TLS, ie " Transport Layer Security ". The SSL certificate works by linking a cryptographic key to the information that you communicate to the site; it is generally used to secure banking transactions, but also login information such as usernames and passwords.

The SSL or TLS protocol guarantees the authentication of the service as well as the confidentiality and integrity of the data exchanged. You can tell if a site is using it if "https" is displayed in the address bar of your internet browser instead of "http". In the case of the SSL certificate with extended validation, the entire address bar turns green. Otherwise, a padlock should appear on the right side of the bar.


The other key security element is the RNG. The RNG is the "random number generator", which is essential to guarantee fair games. RNG must therefore be capable of producing chance, which is much more difficult than one would think. In online casinos, RNG uses an algorithm that ensures that the cards, dice, and symbols on the reels of the slot machines appear completely randomly. All players thus start with the same chances, and none is favored. The best online casinos New Jersey regularly have their RNG tested by independent organizations such as iTech Labs or Technical Testing System. These subject the algorithms to a whole battery of tests, which determine whether an RNG is a quality one.


Rogue casinos, that is, those online casinos who tamper with their random number generators, operate without a license, or do not pay enough attention to the safety of their online casino, rarely last long.

Because regulators want to maintain the reputation that online gambling is perfectly safe, they are working quickly to shut down rogue casinos. Of course, word of mouth is still very important when it comes to identifying rogue casinos, and the word is spreading very quickly on sites that don't pay or seem to offer a bad or unfair experience.

There is always a bit of luck in the game, but there is no need to take a chance when it comes to online casino safety. There are so many regulatory bodies in place and third party audits required to obtain a license that it is very difficult for a rogue casino to thrive.

If you have a bad feeling about an online casino, it's usually a good idea to follow your gut. A little research, like a Google search or a social media search, can usually confirm whether the online casino website is safe.