MGM Welcomes Guests with Pets

MGM Welcomes Guests with Pets

According to the company’s official statement, the new policy will apply to all the facilities located on the Las Vegas Strip:

complex Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in g.Biloksi (Mississippi)


MGM Detroit; MGM Springfield in Massachusetts.

In particular, the message said:

The expansion of the dog accommodation program introduces a higher level of service for four-legged guests throughout their stay, allowing pet owners to take their furry friends on the road for their next family vacation trip.”

Cosmopolitan and Caesars Palace have long been happy to take the dog owners and their pets. In addition, this policy applies to other establishments of the Caesars hotel chain.

Of course, the privilege of bringing your beloved dog with you to the hotel is not free. In addition to being a significant step towards the wishes of customers, this solution will also become a revenue generator for the operator. According to representatives of the MGM network, hotel rooms for visitors with dogs will cost them from 50 to 175 US dollars, depending on the class of the hotel.

MGM Tweet about Dogs

In addition to the obvious services, permission to accommodate visitors with dogs also implies the provision of a number of additional services.

The MGM press release said:

If necessary, the concierge in charge of the guest dogs can attend the puppies while the guests are not in the room and send a message with a photo confirmation. Such a service will cost guests only $ 25. The network also plans to provide dog walking services.

Just as the parking fees, which caused customer irritation, the fees charged on dogs became additional revenue streams for the operator. Dog services can also diversify these streams and also significantly reduce their dependence on the turnover of funds received from gambling activities.

The MGM network has proven its ability to adapt to changing conditions, as some analysts say with confidence that this year the turnover of funds from the sale of food and drinks, as well as the provision of hotel services exceeds the income from gambling.

In the USA, 7 out of 10 households contain pets, and this figure significantly exceeds the indicator of the presence of children in families, which indisputably confirms the status of the zoo industry as one of the most large-scale areas of large business.

According to experts, the average American family will spend about $ 140 on gifts for their pets on New Year's holidays this year. According to statistical studies, over the past hundred years, the cost of keeping animals in the United States has been increasing annually.

It should be emphasized that there are some restrictions regarding the keeping of pets in complexes of the MGM network, in particular: the permissible number of dogs per room is two individuals, with a total weight of not more than 100 pounds (45 kg.). The company also insists that dogs brought to hotels be fully accustomed to the toilet and always placed in a special cage for the duration of the absence of their owners in the room.