There are all types of exclusive casino bonuses. These bonuses range from the highest welcome bonuses to welcome bonuses with exclusive deposit, free spins, rewards for high rollers and low-wagering players. Exclusive casino bonuses always aim to increase players' bankroll and can make a huge difference in a player's winnings.

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What is an exclusive casino bonus? What makes it different from a regular bonus?

An exclusive bonus is a special access to promotions from casino partners of NJWorldCasino360. It can be obtained ONLY at NJWorldCasino360. A regular bonus is given to all the visitors of a casino.

Types of exclusive bonuses:

  • Deposit bonus - the player deposits money into the account and receives a bonus;
  • No deposit bonus- the player does NOT deposit money into the account;
  • Free spins;
  • Bonus for high rollers - special conditions for players at high stakes;
  • Bonus for low rollers - for those who make small bets.

Exclusive Casino Bonus for Online Casinos from NJWorldCasino360

An exclusive casino bonus is a bonus created by an online casino specifically for our customers who have an account with our partner casinos, or for those who register with the casinos using the links to bonuses from NJWorldCasino360.

You will have access to special promotions that only our customers of online casinos receive, from free spins to no deposit bonuses, from offers for low rollers to offers for players at high stakes - everyone will find a favorable offer for themselves. We only cooperate with the best US online casinos to offer you the best bonuses from all the many offers on the Internet.

Who can get exclusive casino bonuses?

Exclusive casino bonuses are available to everyone who signs up at the casino through our NJWorldCasino360 website. These exclusive bonuses have been made specifically for our customers and you will not be able to find them elsewhere on the Internet.

You can also find an exclusive bonus by visiting new casinos. They often hold promotions and offer interesting bonuses in order to attract players.

What is the difference between exclusive and regular bonuses?

Each casino offers its customers casino bonuses, but on our website, you have the opportunity to receive additional bonuses that are intended only for you and are found only with us.

What are the exclusive bonuses?

There are many types of exclusive bonuses offered by online casinos for each type of player and for most games. These may include deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins, lower wagering requirements, as well as special bonuses for high rollers or low rollers.

Below we have identified all the main types of bonuses that you can find on our website:

Deposit bonuses

These are bonuses that directly depend on the amount of your deposit. As a rule, deposit bonuses apply only to the first deposit;


No deposit bonuses

This type of bonus does not require the investment of your own funds. Our partners give you the opportunity to try their games for free, and they are very generous to their customers. So, you can get, for example, $ 50 for an indefinite period or a higher bonus of $ 500 for a limited period of use, for example, for 2 hours.

Free spins

As a rule, casinos give from 20 to 40 free spins so that a player can try online slot machines and even win some money.

High Roller Bonus

If you prefer to play at high stakes, then our partners are ready to offer you VIP client support programs. These are additional bonuses that can reach even $ 1,000, as well as a loyalty program in which a certain percentage of bets will be returned to your account.

Bonus for low stakes players

Many players prefer to play for low stakes - here you can also find a suitable offer. For example, there is a bonus option in which you can get 200% of your deposit with a deposit of $ 10, $ 20, or $ 50. Such bonuses offer a real opportunity to increase your chance of winning. You can check the availability of bonuses for low stakes on our page with promotions.

Pay attention to the wagering requirements and the special conditions for using bonuses

A wagering requirement is a special condition under which a bonus can be withdrawn to a player’s account.

As a rule, it depends on the number of bets. So, for example, having received a bonus of $ 10, you will need to place a bet 10, 20, or even 50 times so that this bonus can be withdrawn (while the size of the bet can be very different depending on the casino). In addition, the casino may establish its additional conditions. Therefore, before agreeing to a bonus, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information about this bonus. This kind of information is always freely available.

So, for example, you can receive a bonus on your first deposit only once, which means that you better get acquainted with the conditions and choose the most profitable ones for you.

On some welcome bonuses, for example, you may be given such requirements as the maximum limits of CASHOUT - that is, the maximum possible withdrawal of funds.

At the same time, you can’t open an account more than once in order to receive several reload bonuses.

How much time is there to use the bonus?

Depending on the type of bonus and the casino, it can be valid from 24 hours to 7 days - this must be observed in each case.

How do you claim an exclusive casino bonus?

Who and how you can receive an exclusive bonus on the NJWorldCasino360 website:

For newbies

You register at the casino using the link on our page with promotions (if you want to receive a welcome bonus) and you automatically receive a bonus to your account.

For registered players

You already have a valid casino account and you want to receive a bonus - then select the offer you need from our page with promotions and receive instructions, following which you will have a bonus code.

In case of problems when receiving a bonus, you just need to contact the support at the casino for which you are applying for a bonus.

Bonus codes can be used only once!

Pros and cons of using exclusive bonuses

If you are still not sure whether to use the exclusive bonus or not, we have identified all the possible pros and cons to help you decide:


  • If you are playing for the first time, then you, as a beginner, should try to play for free - it will be safer for your bankroll. In addition, this is a great opportunity to test the support service and generally understand if you like the casino;
  • The ability to play a new game and try new strategies;
  • An opportunity to win real money.

You should always carefully read the conditions of the casino for the provision of bonuses - not all the games may have bonuses attached and the conditions for withdrawing bonuses may also be different.



In general, even if you use the exclusive bonus in a bad way, you will essentially lose nothing. But, it’s better, of course, first to get acquainted with the information about bonuses and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Using the exclusive bonuses provided by NJWorldCasino360, you can be sure that you will find yourself in a reliable casino with a high level of service and a choice of games. We carefully select our offers.