If you have never played at an NJ online casino before or found a new casino that you would like to try, then a 300% casino bonus is really recommended. Who does not want to get as much out of their gambling as possible? And with a bonus like this, it's exactly what you get.

Because with a 300% welcome bonus, you can say that you really kick start the game! Since this is usually about a deposit bonus, you can count on the casino to match your own deposit, but then with much more because it is at 300% instead of 100% which is perhaps a little more common.

If you deposit $500 into your gaming account as the first deposit, you will with this 300% casino bonus get $1500 extra. That is, you now have $ 2,000 in total to play for instead of $ 500 that you had from the beginning. Not bad!

Then maybe you as a player may find it a little difficult to locate these casinos that have such a good and high deposit bonus. But there is nothing that you need to worry about, we will help you with that. Because if you continue reading here, you will find a list of the casinos that offer 300% welcome bonus.

What is good and bad in our opinion to play with such a bonus: this is something you can use if you qualify to start playing with one and it also depends on the different games the casinos offer. Because even if the bonus is great, you do not want to make a deposit if there are no games that you like. Therefore, we will also list a small part of the range of games you can find at NJ online casinos.

Overview of 300% Welcome Bonus Offers

Finding a casino 300 welcome bonus is not very easy. Usually, the bonus is 100% , which is the most common in a new registration. So, you can say that online casino 300 welcome bonus is not only big but also very exclusive to get. And thanks to us, you get help to find some casinos that have just this bonus.

What is also good about these 300 welcome bonus casinos is that you can use different types of payment methods which makes it easier for different types of players. Some may prefer the traditional bank transfer while others like credit cards or the new e-wallets.

But how does a casino 300 bonus in general work? Well, if you deposit $ 100 in your gaming account, you can expect $ 300 in bonuses. This then means that you will play with a total of $ 400 when you start.

After your deposit, it is not just about withdrawing the money and getting a little extra in the account, but most casino sites have a wagering requirement that you must follow. If you are unsure of what it is about, always check with customer service or each individual casino's FAQ to get more information about it before you register and make a first deposit.

300% Casino Bonus - Details and Features

Getting as much in bonus as 300% may not sound like the truth to most people, especially if you are a new casino player and do not have much control over the various bonuses. But this is not something you need to worry about, especially if you choose one of the casinos on our website. And here are some reasons for that. 

Random number generator - RNG: When you play at a casino, you do not want it to be settled in advance whether you will win or not. That is why the casinos we have listed have a so-called random number generator. This means that all winnings are made at random and are not based on whether it is your turn to win or not based on a counting system.

SSL Encryption: Another thing that all 300 welcome bonus casinos have is that they have SSL encryption. This means that the data you provide on the casino website is secured by a third party. So, whether it's your credit card information or personal information, you can feel safe if the casino has SSL encryption.

Approved licenses: After the rules on casino games were changed earlier this year, it is more important than ever to have the right licenses. The casinos that we have listed have the right licenses and these ensure, among other things, that there is no money laundering at the casino, that interactive games are used correctly, ensure that they offer gaming protection to all the players and that it is possible to play responsibly at the casino.

You can play both from the phone and on a computer: In the past, the most common way was to play via your computer. But today we live in a world where most people are on the go or maybe use their phone more than you use your laptop. This means that gaming has also developed and therefore you can also play directly from the phone in most casinos today.

Some casinos have an app that you can download, but they usually also offer games directly on the phone's browser. But just because many people use the phone today to play it does not mean that everyone does. Therefore, the casinos we have listed also give you the opportunity to play directly on the computer, just as it has worked before. This is so that everyone can have an opportunity to play at their favorite casino. So, if you both want to be able to play on different devices and get 300% first deposit bonus, you should check out the ones we have listed further up the page.

Benefits of 300 First Deposit Bonus

Some people may think that it sounds too good to be true to get this much in deposit bonus and these people probably see many benefits with it as well. So do we, so we have listed some of the biggest benefits of this bonus.

  • An extra reward: Of course, many casinos want to attract new players, because how else could they go around? This means that they want to offer a bonus as good as possible to find players to their casino. This is not something they do to deceive but to show that they are interested and care about their players. Therefore, you can see your 300 deposit bonus as an extra reward. You get more to play with, and they get a new player.
  • You can play many different games: Most casino sites not only offer slot machines, but there are also different types of table games, poker games and sometimes sports betting. And in most cases, you can also use your casino 300 deposit bonus on these games. This gives you many more opportunities to wager your incoming bonus, which also makes it more fun to play.
  • You get extra bonuses: This includes free spins that you can play on selected slot machines or on slot machines of your choice. Some even give a bonus on the second deposit, or on the deposits after that. And these bonuses also tend to have better bonus requirements so keep an eye out for these.
  • Low deposits: The good thing about big bonuses like 300% is that you do not have to make a high deposit to be able to use it, or to get a lot back. At most casinos that we mentioned, a deposit of $100 is enough for you to then be able to play with a total of $400.

Disadvantages of 300% Deposit Bonus

Of course, there are also some things that you need to think about before you receive a 300% sign up bonus and everything may not be seen as positive for everyone. So therefore we have also listed some disadvantages of the bonus that can be good to keep an eye on before you start.

Disadvantages of 300% Bonus

  • Turnover requirements: One of the disadvantages of these bonuses is the turnover requirements and given that the sum quickly becomes high, even the very lowest turnover requirements can be very high. If, for example, it is on the 30x deposit and you have deposited $100 and received a total of $400, you must turn over $12,000 before you can start cashing the winnings.
  • The bonus is only valid for a certain period: Just because you have received a bonus, it does not apply forever but some bonuses are only valid for 30-60 days. This is also something that each individual casino decides for themselves and that you must check out before.
  • Not all payment methods are approved: Some payment methods, as we mentioned above, give extra bonuses and some do not give any bonus at all. So just because it is a 300 sign up bonus casino it does not mean that your payment method gives you your bonus.
  • They do not work on all games: And this applies not only to free spins which are sometimes limited to certain slot machines but also to the deposit bonus. We know that we said that it usually works on many games on the casino site, but sometimes live games or similar games are not included.